Progressive Solutions, L.L.C.: Exceeding Your Expectations

A properly maintained right-of-way courtesy of Progressive Solutions' skilled herbicide applicators


With over 50,000 line miles and approximately 300,000 acres treated annually, Progressive Solutions is large enough to handle projects of any type and size while maintaining the flexibility to provide individualized service. By tailoring services to the exact needs of clients and maintaining a high level of client communication, the Progressive Solutions team helps to accomplish their vegetation management objectives safely and efficiently.

  • Selective foliar and basal backpack applications — Low volume selective herbicide treatments
    have been proven to be safer and more environmentally-friendly than hand cutting, mowing and other mechanical methods. Depending on the size of the job and logistics, Progressive Solutions’ highly trained, well-equipped and supervised teams of backpack sprayers can cover up to 200 miles per week.

  • Other applications — Including high and low volume broadcast, roadside, ditch bank and aerial.

  • Field reporting system — A proprietary software platform for integrating herbicide application reports and data collection.

  • Assistance with:

    • IVM contract specification writing

    • IVM contract compliance auditing

    • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) compliance

    • IVM public relations and public education

    • IVM supply chain networking

    • GIS design and implementation for IVM projects