Progressive Solutions, L.L.C.: Exceeding Your Expectations

A properly maintained right-of-way courtesy of Progressive Solutions' skilled herbicide applicators

About Us

In November of 2002, Progressive Solutions, LLC was formed through the merger of two specialized vegetation management companies in the South — Applied Solutions L.L.C. and Progressive Forestry Service. The leadership of these companies brought to the merger decades of expertise in herbicide application methods, both labor-intensive and mechanical, for the utility and forestry industries.

Today, Progressive Solutions is a leader in providing safe and efficient Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) treatments on electric, gas and municipal rights-of-way. Although Progressive specializes in selective low volume herbicide application, it employs a wide range of IVM tools and best management practices to meet customer objectives. Since 2002, the company has grown six-fold and now operates in 24 states, maintaining offices in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. Progressive Solutions’ field management team is experienced and professional, providing hands-on supervision of all projects to ensure the highest level of quality, communication and public relations.

Recognition for outstanding environmental stewardship was given to Progressive Solutions when it was named winner of the 2011 Environmental Respect Award in Vegetation Management. The company is also a partner in the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Energy for Wildlife Program, a member of the steering committee in the Edison Electric Institute's Right-of-Way Stewardship Initiative, and actively participates in many statewide vegetation management associations.